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Make a colourful feature of your drain pipes with easy to use Pipe pot-Ups.

With Pipe Pot-ups it is easy to hang multiple pots on down pipes or posts.

No tools needed.

Simply fasten one of the large cable ties provided around a pipe or post, slide in the "legs" of the hanger and pop in the pot plant.

On a post you can securely hang 4 pots in each cable tie if you wish and make a sort of totem pole of plants, as can be seen in our pictures.

Or maybe even decorate a telegraph pole!

Made using Black PVC coated galvanised steel for the 4",5",6",and 7" sizes and in plain galvanised steel for  7"Galv. and  8"Galv sizes. 

For advice on getting the right size for your pots please read the "Helpful information" section below.

They will last for many years, even in a coastal environment.


Pot-Ups for drain pipes hang pot plants on posts and pipes. Prices from.


Buy any 4 or more packs and get 20% discount

  • It is important to get the right size of hanger for your pot as they can't be successfully altered.

    Our hangers are perfect for standard pots such as Stewarts, & Elho.

    But there are many different shapes of pot and it is best to measure your pots as shown in one of our pictures.

    We reccomend purchasing your pots before buying your hangers. 

    When you have your pots, measure the circumference of the pot below the rim, or about a  a quarter of the height down from the top. (If you haven't got a soft measuring tape you can use a piece of string).

    You can then choose the hanger with the nearest circumference size (see chart below) from our selection. if you can't find a close match just purchase the nearest to it and tell us your  measurement, we will make them to this size at no extra cost.

     pot  size                         Hanger circumference 

             4"                   =                   29cms

             5"                   =                   36cms

             6"                  =                   44cms

             7"                  =                   51cms

             8"                  =                   59cms

       We can also make the hooks of the hangers to your measurements if necessary, this was the case with the ones on the ladders in our pictures,


    Also If none of the hangers are suitable for your location, just let us know what you need ; no promises, but we might be able to come up with a design to suit.

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